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Registration Instructions

Newly admitted students need to complete the Intent to Enroll form​. This informs your graduate program director and the Office of Graduate Admission of your intent to enroll for the quarter in which you were admitted.

  • Complete Intent to Enroll
  • Follow instructions in the e-mail sent to you verifying that the Intent to Enroll form has been received
  • Log on to Campus Connection​ to register for courses

Steps for Successful Registration

Before your official enrollment date, you may add classes to your Course Cart and use the validate button to check for prerequisites and holds. On your appointed enrollment date, you can choose some or all of the classes in your Course Cart and enroll in them.

You can check the Student Center in Campus Connection for the times of both your Course Cart date and your enrollment date [View a video tutorial​ on how to locate your enrollment date].

You can also view a video tutorial​ on how to enroll in a class or drop a class.

Important Tips

  • Check your Holds and To-Dos frequently by signing in to Campus Connection​. Please resolve them as soon as possible, as some may affect your ability to register.
  • Our online Learning Center​ with Campus Connection will help you make full use of new and updated tools for registration.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Academic Calendar​, which includes critical academic and financial deadlines.
  • Answers to student questions regarding academics, finances, and personal information can be found on the DePaul Central website​, where you can also chat live with a specialist between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.