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Graduate Advising FAQs

I received my admission letter in the mail. What is my next step?

The next step is for you to complete the online Intent to Enroll form. This form notifies the office of graduate admission of your intent to enroll for courses at DePaul.​

Am I assigned an advisor?

Karin Winters is the College of Communication graduate academic advisor. She can be contacted at (312) 362-6002 or

How do I choose my classes?

Any specific course requirements and recommendations will be listed in your admission package. If you have questions, please contact the graduate advisor. ​

When can I register for classes?

The date in which you can register for courses is determined by the university. You will receive an email from DePaul indicating the date in which registration begins for a specific term. This is also posted in the Manage Classes tile ​in Campus Connect​. ​

How do I register for classes?

You will register online through Campus Connect and follow the prompts to register for your first term. After you have registered for classes, you can then obtain your student ID card from ID Services. ​

Where do I get my Campus Connect user ID and password?

Your DePaul University Campus Connect user ID and initial password are located at the bottom of your letter of admission. If you misplaced the letter, please contact DePaul's Help Desk at (312) 362-8765 to obtain this information. ​

How do I get my student photo ID?

After registering for classes you may obtain your DePaul student ID at any ID Ser​vi​ces location​​. ​

Where do I find out important dates like when classes begin and when tuition is due?

Please refer to the university’s Academic Calendar for important academic and financial deadlines. ​

How much is tuition?

For current tuition rates, visit the university website’s tuition page. Most graduate courses are four credit hours unless otherwise specified. You may contact Student Accounts for questions and more information about tuition and payments. ​

How do I change my address/phone number/email/married name with the university?

You should update any changes to your student information in Campus Connect​. ​

How do I find out where my classes are located?

Classroom assignments are posted on your schedule at the start of the academic quarter. You can view this information through Campus Connect. Classroom assignments are also located on the bulletin boards of all academic buildings on the first day of classes. ​

Where do I find information about financial aid?

The Office of Financial Aid is your guide and your resource for answering questions and finding information about financing your graduate degree. ​

Does DePaul offer health insurance to graduate students?

While we do not provide a student health insurance plan, we encourage students to explore their options in the Healthcare Marketplace and work with local community organizations to provide support.

How do I apply for graduation as I near the end of my program?

Students should meet with the graduate advisor to be sure they are on track to completing their degree. The student can then apply for the appropriate quarter degree conferral in Campus Connect. The DePaul Central website has helpful information about the graduation app​lication process​.