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Time on TV: Temporal Displacement and Mashup Television (2012)

By Paul Booth

Booth: Time on TV
Time on TV: Temporal Displacement and Mashup Television 
examines the massive aesthetic and structural changes happening across today’s television programs. Time travel, flash forwards, fake memories: Paul Booth’s analysis reveals the theory and practices that are changing television and online media as we know them. His engaging examination of the mashup of television and social media uncovers a temporal complexity at the heart of our own lives.

The characteristically enigmatic television narrative becomes emblematic of a very human interaction with social and digital media. A perfect book for twenty-first century television studies, media studies, or anyone who wants to know why there’s so much time travel on television, Time on TV answers questions you didn’t even know you had about today’s television, digital technology, and our daily lives.

Professor Booth teaches in both Media and Cinema Studies and Digital Communication and Media Arts.​