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Digital Fandom 2.0: New Media Studies (2017)

By Paul Booth

Booth: Digital Fandom 2.0
In this completely revised and updated version of Digital Fandom, Paul Booth extends his analysis of fandom in the digital environment. With new chapters that focus on the economics of crowdfunding, the playfulness of Tumblr, and the hybridity of the fan experience, alongside revised chapters that explore blogs, wikis, and social networking sites, Digital Fandom 2.0 continues to develop the 'philosophy of playfulness' of the contemporary fan. Booth’s analysis reveals the many facets of the digital fan experience, including hybrid fandom, demediation, and the digi-gratis economy. With a foreword from noted fan scholar Matt Hills, Booth's new Digital Fandom 2.0 shows the power of the fan in the digital age.

Professor Booth teaches in both Media and Cinema Studies and Digital Communication and Media Arts.​