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Degree Completion Project Samples

​From essays to multimedia projects, there are many ways to complete your degree in Digital Communication and Media Arts (Digital Communication concentration). Browse final project examples from program alumni below to get some inspiration.

Capstone Samples

Robin Bingham headshot

Robin Bingham (MA ’21)

Capstone Title: My Dearly Departed
Current Position: Teacher at Schaumburg High School, dual credit speech and honors English

"My project, a hope to help the process of healing, is titled 'My Dearly Departed.' I spoke with three separate participants about loved ones who had passed away."

Sample Episode (Stan Wigle):

Niah Hart headshot

Niah Hart (MA ’20)

Capstone Title: Makeup: An Unrecognized Art Form
Current Position: Social media & communications coordinator at Kolcraft

Peter Kelly headshot

Peter Kelly (MA ’20)

Capstone Title: Giving Back the Streets: A West Side Summer
Current Position: Communications and media manager at Erik’s Ranch & Retreats

Taylor Murphy headshot

Taylor Murphy (MA ’19)

Capstone Title: Notes on Life
Current Position: Curriculum/content designer for Edtech startup; actor and writer in the entertainment industry

Ed Ramsay headshot

Ed Ramsay (MA ’20)

Capstone Title: WVON Radio and the Black Public Sphere
Current Position: Business development operations manager at DePaul University, Corporate and Employer Outreach

Katie Thompson headshot

Katie Thompson (MA ’19)

Capstone Title: Database to Delinquency
Current Position: Content strategist, Comcast Business

Natalie Wade headshot

Natalie Wade (MA ’20)

Capstone Title: Digital Video and New Media Journalism Ethics
Current Position: Fact-check reporter, Agence-France Presse (AFP), Washington, D.C. bureau

Thesis Samples

Amy Do headshot

Amy Do (MA ’21)

Thesis Title: Instagram Sellers in COVID-19
Current Position: Career Counselor at the DePaul University Career Center

Alexis Meuche headshot

Alexis Meuché (MA ’20)

Thesis Title: Nerdlesque (NSFW Warning)
Current Position: Staff writer and social media maven at; producer of Plan 9 Burlesque