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Complete Your Degree: Master's Thesis/Project/Exam options

Degree Completion Options

Students choose from the following degree completion options: comprehensive exam, Scholarly Paper/Project, or the master's thesis project. Students must have a 3.7 cumulative GPA to complete the master's thesis project.

Comprehensive Exam
Students complete a three-part comprehensive exam based on questions derived from a minimum of one College of Communication core course (CMNS 570 or MCS 575) and two additional courses pulled from either the other core course and/or from the College of Communication elective courses (JOUR, MCS, or PRAD).

Master's Thesis Project
Two project courses (CMNS 594 and CMNS 595) replace two additional elective classes. The student will create an original project (i.e., web- or film-based projects, or projects related to professional or educational organizations) and a 30- to 40-page accompanying written report/analysis.

Graduate Scholarly Paper/Project
In consultation with a faculty member in the College of Communication, the student should expand a paper or project they worked on in the program. This paper/project should be something to which the student wishes to expand upon or devote ​more time.