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An Interview with DUABJ President La'Nita Brooks

La'Nita Brooks, DUABJ President
La'Nita Brooks, DUABJ President
The mission of DePaul University Association of Black Journalists (DUABJ)​ is to equip African American journalists and communications majors with professional career skills. DUABJ members connect and create meaningful relationships with journalism students, media-related students and working professionals.

The organization was founded at DePaul last year with Judith McCray serving as the group's faculty advisor. La'Nita Brooks, a second-year graduate student studying journalism with a focus in broadcast, has been a member of DUABJ since its conception and currently operates as the chapter's president. The following is an interview with Brooks concerning DUABJ and its role on DePaul's campus.

Why do you think DUABJ is valuable? What does it offer students?

DUABJ is great because it offers minority students and even more specifically, Black students an opportunity to come together for this specific area of interest. News and media are hard to get into for anyone, and with minorities it can be even harder to find opportunities or people to connect with, and DUABJ removes some of that burden. We keep each other in the loop about job opportunities, NABJ conferences and events, as well as hosting our own events where students have the opportunity to meet with successful Black journalists to pick their brain and discuss possibilities.

We had an event this past fall with a panel of different professionals in Chicago media, and we are currently planning an event on how to navigate the journalism major where we would like to have DePaul journalism and media teachers come together to share their advice for the best path towards graduation. We also have events such as resume workshops and career fairs through NABJ Chicago. DUABJ is also just a group where we can bond and bounce ideas off one another while working towards our dreams.

What is your favorite part of  being in DUABJ? 

My favorite part is the bonding and networking. Bonding and getting to know other Black journalism students and being able to learn together and from each other. Also, being able to network with industry professionals who have tons of advice and knowledge to share.​

​Who is eligible to join DUABJ? How can interested students get involved in the organization?

DUABJ is open to all minority students. You do not have to be studying journalism. If you are interested in media as a hobby, that is fine with us. 

You can check out our DeHub page for more information or reach out to us on our Instagram page​. I can also be reached via my email