Investigative Journalism Class Spurs FOX News Report on For-Profit Adoptions

Instructor Anne Kavanagh’s Investigative Journalism class will be featured on a FOX 32 News special report this evening (Nov. 6) at 9 p.m. as part of a report on state adoption agencies. According to Kavanagh, FOX’s report “was in small part prompted by work our students did,” investigating a story that “unlicensed, for-profit adoption agencies were allowed to advertise on the internet here and prey on birth moms and families trying to adopt even though it is against the law.

“Our students filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)s [requests],” Kavanagh said, “to try to find out why laws were not being enforced, interviewed leaders in the Illinois adoption community, legislators, adoptive families and called one of the main agencies in question posing as birth moms to gather more information. What they found was pretty amazing.”