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The DePaulia Archives Go Digital

DePaul is moving forward into the technologically driven world by digitizing The DePaulia publications that were composed in previous years.
Andrea Bainbridge, the University Archivist in charge of this project, is preparing The DePaulia issues from the years 1923-1998 for online display.
Bainbridge explained how the entire inventory of The DePaulia issues will be widely available online and easier to search through, since they are to be “fully indexed.” This would allow one to search for a key word and be able to find that word anywhere on the page, Bainbridge added. She also explained that this development was inevitably needed because some papers were already in pieces.
“We get to see what students cared about and wrote about,” Bainbridge said, “It's a great way to look back and see how DePaul has changed over time... DePaul will know more about its past.”

Originally published in The DePaulia.