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Lessons from the E-Front: 50 Top Business Leaders Reveal Their Hard-Won Wisdom About Building a Successful High-Tech Enterprise (2001)

By Matt Ragas
Prima Lifestyles
Hardcover, 288pp.

Lessons from the e-Front
Every business analyst, academic, and critic has a theory for why a company succeeds or fails. But the most important lessons and the best battle stories come from the entrepreneurs themselves—the leaders on the frontline who fight day-in and day-out to make their companies flourish while others crumble to dust.

In Lessons from the E-Front, successful entrepreneur and business commentator Matthew W. Ragas interviews 50 of today's top business leaders from leading high-tech companies and uncovers their hard-won wisdom. With over 1,000 years of combined business experience, these warriors tell you how they survived the technological maelstrom, weathered defeats in the marketplace, and thrived on their victories. Forget the New Economy. Ignore the hype, spin, and bull. The invaluable lessons and priceless wisdom in this book reveal the gritty strategies necessary to build a sound enterprise.

Matthew W. Ragas is a professor on the Public Relations and Advertising (PRAD) faculty, where he helps develop the next generation of communications leaders. Along with fellow PRAD faculty member Ron Culp​, he is the co-author of Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators and Business Essentials for Strategic Communicators​.