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Business Essentials for Strategic Communicators: Creating Shared Value for the Organization and its Stakeholders (2014)

By Matt Ragas and Ron Culp
Hardcover, Softcover, eBook, 211pp.

Business Essentials
The rise of digital media and the public's demand for transparency has elevated the importance of communication for every business. To have a voice or seat at the table and maximize their full value, a strategic communicator must be able to speak the language and understand business goals, issues, and trends. The challenge is that many communicators don't hold an MBA and didn't study business in college.

Business Essentials for Strategic Communicators provides communication professionals and students with the essential 'Business 101' knowledge they need to navigate the business world with the best of them. Readers will learn the essentials of financial statements and terminology, the stock market, public companies, and more--all with an eye on how this knowledge helps them do their jobs better as communication professionals. 

Matt W. Ragas and Ron Culp teach in our Public Relations and Advertising program, where Culp also serves as our professional director. Their most recent book as co-authors, Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators, was published in 2017.