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The Responsible Reporter: Journalism in the Information Age (2008)

Edited by Bruce J. Evensen
Peter Lang
Third Edition (2008), First Edition (1995)
Hardcover, 276pp.

The Responsible Reporter

The third edition of The Responsible Reporter gives practical advice to beginning journalism students on how to be socially responsible reporters in the new digital landscape of news gathering and dissemination. The book provides specific insights into the ethical and legal challenges of reporting in this new online environment; the history of responsible reporting in America; and instructions on how to report and edit news while maintaining journalistic integrity. The many content areas addressed include: Public affairs, international reporting, science and technology, crime and law enforcement, arts and entertainment, features, business and finance, broadcasting, health and medicine, religion and moral issues, literary journalism, and sports.

The book is designed as an introductory text for journalism courses but would also be useful for related classes such as magazine and feat​ure writing, principles of journalism, and news editing.