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Bruce Evensen

Bruce Evensen spent thirteen years in broadcast and print journalism as a reporter, producer and bureau chief in Washington and the Middle East before receiving his PhD in mass communication from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1989.

Areas of interest and specialization

Journalism history and ethics; mass communication history; new media; the press and the political process; sports journalism; religion and media; sensationalism

Professional Organizations

American Journalism Historians Association; Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication; Fulbright Association

Publications and Research

Courses Taught

CMN 102 Introduction to Mass Communication
JOUR 275 Introduction to Journalism
JOUR 343 Journalism and the American Experience
JOUR 362 The Press and the Presidency
JOUR 501 The Social Responsibility of Journalism
JOUR 532 The Press and the Presidency
JOUR 537 From Franklin to the Internet: A History of American Journalism
JOUR 538 Mass Communication in the Digital Age
SPRTCMN 300/JOUR 376/JOUR 515 Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Sox, Hawks: A History of Sports Reporting

Outside Interests

History; The Cubs and the Bears; news and current events; reading; classic Hollywood cinema; Swing and Classical music


Appearances on PBS, Fox News, ABC7, CBS2, NBC5. Interviews for Associated Press, ESPN, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post