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Student Portfolios

PRAD Future Leaders Showcase

The signature graduation completion requirement of the DePaul University MA in Public Relations and Advertising program is the student portfolio. First launched as a degree requirement in 2013-2014, the portfolio showcases the academic and professional accomplishments of public relations and advertising graduate students.

Graduating students share their portfolios at the PRAD Future Leaders Portfolio Showcase, an annual event that connects students and faculty with more than 150 top PR, advertising and marketing communications professionals in Chicago, including program alumni. Students network with professionals who get to vote for the students’ top portfolios. After graduation, students have a creative and visually appealing material to present their resumes and work samples to prospective employers.

View a gallery of student portfolios, more info on requirements and a blog post from on the importance of doing a portfolio:

On PRAD's Portfolio Showcase

"The DePaul portfolio review competition was an outstanding approach of requiring students to think about presenting their experiences in new, meaningful, and again, leading edge ways that had yet another touch point with potential employers. This type of opportunity, to find gainful employment after graduation, should be a primary focus for any program and fortunately for the students of DePaul’s Graduate PRAD program, these opportunities are there for them in spades."

Travis Kessel, Head of Recruiting at