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Graduate PRAD Student Ambassador

Have questions about the graduate Public Relations and Advertising program? Ask our graduate student ambassador.

Matt Forner

Student Ambassador Matt Forner

Obsessed with brand strategy in a globally connected world, Matt Forner is a public relations and advertising professional that is dedicated to transforming lives through communication. As a communicator, he enjoys developing both the strategy and creative aspects of campaigns and believes that all brands should be built with passion and purpose.

In 2017, Matt founded Forner Agency, an integrated agency with a true next-generation perspective after gaining hands-on experience in radio broadcasting, motion-picture development, television production, and the electronic music industry. This unique background allows him to bring his clients an insider perspective to multiple sides of the media landscape as well as approach projects from numerous angles with the end-goal of delivering campaigns that implement artistic creativity and concrete brandology.

Outside of Forner Agency, Matt is a graduate student at DePaul University where he is working toward an MA in Public Relations and Advertising. He is also actively involved with multiple non-profits, one of which he sits on the board, and cares about multiple causes including high-speed rail, wildlife preservation and digital privacy rights. Other governmental reforms are also of interest in areas including healthcare, labor rights and drug-policy reform. Matt is an avid traveler and believes that all communicators can greatly grow their skills by experiencing different cultures and becoming more globally minded by seeing life through the lens of others.

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