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Graduate Journalism Program Student Ambassadors

​​ Have questions about the graduate program in Journalism? Ask one of our graduate student ambassadors.

Emily McTavish

Emily McTavish

Emily McTavish is a current graduate student in the College of Communication's Journalism program. She received her bachelor's degree in journalism from Missouri State University in 2016. She currently works at the DePaul College of Law in the marketing and communications department. Originally from rural Wisconsin, Emily has been enjoying life in Chicago, and she does try to make time to travel.

Paul Steeno

Paul Steeno

Hello, my name is Paul Steeno!

I'm a second year graduate student at DePaul University pursuing a master's degree in journalism. I'm heavily involved with Good Day DePaul, I'm the beat writer for the DePaul men's basketball team for the DePaulia, I freelance for SB Nation and the Daily Herald, and last summer I completed an awesome internship as a communications intern for the Picking Me Foundation (a nonprofit organization spreading awareness on skin-picking disorder).

When I'm not doing journalism stuff, I enjoy pretending I'm good at running and biking, hanging out with friends and getting way too emotionally invested watching sports. The Sandlot and Grown Ups 2 were the two best movies ever made. Avril Lavigne is the best musical artist. That is all.

I look forward to working with everybody this year!

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