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Health Communication Graduate Student Ambassador

Have questions about the graduate program in Health Communication? Ask our graduate student ambassador below.

Cristina Recke

Cristina Recke

Currently studying my last quarter as a Health Communication graduate student. Originally from Mexico, I moved to Chicago a couple of years ago; it has been an amazing experience. I studied Nutrition and Food Science as my bachelor in Mexico City and worked for a couple of years developing health programs and campaigns for employees working in the Ministry of Finance.

I chose DePaul University because of its Health Communication program; it seemed ideal for someone like me who had studied the biology and mechanics of the human body but still had a lot to learn regarding communication.

Being at the final stage of my master’s degree I couldn’t be more certain that I made the right choice. This program has helped me understand the need for effective communication in health care. It has improved my skills in delivering better results to avoid the gap of misunderstandings, which are usually result of miscommunication.

My time at DePaul University has been amazing. The diversity of students that have become friends and the possibility to learn and work with amazing faculty members have been key to my experience. I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the program or life in Chicago.

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