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Suggested Career Tracks

​​​Find a Communication Studies Career Track

Students who major in Communication Studies can organize their coursework around a range of different fields and industries. These short sequences of courses (career tracks) help you focus on topic areas that interest you. No matter which career track you choose, these courses will:

  • Give you a flexible set of transferable skills
  • Expose you to a variety of career options
  • Prepare you for a changing work environment
  • Teach you to engage meaningfully in your personal life and your community

These course groupings are suggestions based on common career fields; they are not official concentrations. We recommend taking at least four courses in your career track of interest.

This career track is for students who want to use communication to lead ethical social change locally, nationally and globally. You will analyze and intervene in public discourse to promote human dignity, welfare and freedom.

CMNS 315 — Health Communication
CMNS 321 — Cultural and Symbolic Criticism
CMNS 323 — Social Movements
CMNS 325 — Promoting Sustainable Practices
CMNS 326 — Environmental Rhetoric & Politics
CMNS 333— Cultures in Conversation
CMNS 343— Work/Family Communication
CMNS 365 — Argumentation, Advocacy and Deliberation
CMNS 367 — Performance for Social Change
CMNS 348— Topic in INTC: Communicating Health, Race and Reproductive Rights

These courses give you a cross-section of skills that you'll use every day. Learn to adapt messages at work, at home and in your communities.

ORGC 201– Business and Professional Communication
CMNS 211– Interpersonal Communication
CMNS 230 – Performance: Communication, Creativity and the Body
CMNS 315– Health Communication
ORGC 316 – Communication and Group Decision Making
CMNS 329 – Persuasion
CMNS 344- Mindfulness
OGRC 354 – Employment Interviewing
CMNS 355– Conflict Management
ORGC 356 – Communication Consulting
ORGC 357– Topics: Communication in Sales & Customer Service

Explore how human communication processes influence and are influenced by technology. Coursework focuses on skilled content creation, user experience, and the relational effects, ethical concerns and societal implications of technology.

CMNS 280— Introduction to Digital Media Skills
CMNS 366 — Communication, Technology, and Society
CMNS 341— Communication Networks in the Digital Age
CMNS 342 — Living Online: Relationships and Identity Development
CMNS 346 — Social Media Research Methods
CMNS 311— The Dark Web
ORGC 359— Virtual Teams
CMNS 349 — Communication, Law & Ethics in the Digital Age
CMNS 311 — Communication, Coding & Entrepreneurship

These courses expose you to creative industries and careers in the arts.

CMNS 230 — Performance: Communication, Creativity and the Body
CMNS 304— Entrepreneurship
CMNS 300— Music Industries
CMNS 347 — Politics of Hip Hop
CMNS 341— Communication Networks in the Digital Age
CMNS 367 — Performance for Social Change
CMNS 369 — Performance of Humor
CMNS 339 — Performance of Gender & Sexuality
CMNS 336 — Storytelling
CMNS 301 — Audio Documentary
ORGC 359 — Virtual Teams
ORGC 316 — Group Decision-Making

This career track builds your knowledge and skills for identifying, testing and creating products and services. You will also be exposed to the extensive network of entrepreneurship resources at DePaul and in the City of Chicago.

CMNS 304 — Entrepreneurship
CMNS 311— Communication, Coding and Entrepreneurship
CMNS 355 — Conflict Management
CMNS 336 — Storytelling
CMNS 329 — Persuasion
ORGC 316 — Communication and Group Decision-Making
CMNS 344 — Mindfulness
CMNS 366— Communication, Technology and Society
CMNS 341— Communication Networks in the Digital Age

This career track emphasizes the role that communication plays in the political process. Develop your skills in argumentation, deliberation, analysis, conflict management and negotiation.

CMNS 309— International Communication
CMNS 321 — Cultural and Symbolic Criticism
CMNS 324— Culture of Consumption
CMNS 326 — Environmental Rhetoric and Politics
CMNS 328— History of Rhetoric and Communication
CMNS 329 — Persuasion
CMNS 355— Conflict Management
CMNS 365— Argumentation, Advocacy & Deliberation
JOUR 360 — Political Communication

This career track explores communication processes across organizational contexts. You'll learn to identify ineffective and effective communication, problem solve and facilitate strategic change. This track prepares you for careers in human resource communication, training and development, sales communication, customer service communication, communication consulting, assessment and personnel management communication.

CMNS 304— Communication and Entrepreneurship
CMNS 325— Promoting Sustainable Practices
CMNS 329— Persuasion
CMNS 355 — Conflict Management
CMNS 343 — Work/Family Communication
CMNS 365— Argumentation, Advocacy & Deliberation
ORGC 212 — Small Group Communication
ORGC 251 — Organizational Communication
ORGC 316— Communication and Group Decision Making
ORGC 352 — Communication and Corporate Culture
ORGC 353 — Communication and Organizational Change
ORGC 354 — Employment Interviewing
ORGC 355 — Dark Side of Organizational Communication
ORGC 356 — Communication Consulting
ORGC 358 — Diversity, Leadership & Team Building
ORGC 359 — Virtual Teams
ORGC 360 — Human Resources Communication

All communication occurs within the context of a relationship — interpersonal, among group members and within an organization. These courses teach you to communicate effectively in different relationships and situations. You will increase your communication competence and understand how communication processes differ across relationship types.

CMNS 211 — Interpersonal Communication
CMNS 311 — Topics in Relational Communication (e.g., Interpersonal Comm Theory, Health and Relationships, Sexual Communication)
CMNS 312— Evolution and Communication
CMNS 313 — Nonverbal Communication
CMNS 314 — Family Communication
CMNS 318— Close Relationships
CMNS 319 — Dark Side of Personal Relationships
CMNS 320— Deceptive Communication
CMNS 327 — Researching Relationships
CMNS 329— Persuasion
CMNS 339 — Performance of Gender & Sexuality
CMNS 340 — Communication and Dating
CMNS 342— Living Online: Relationship and Identity Development
CMNS 355 — Conflict Management
CMNS 361— Gender and Communication
CMNS 344 — Mindfulness

This pathway prepares you for careers that shape the political, social and cultural landscape.

CMNS 300— Music Industries
CMNS 347— Politics of Hip Hop
CMNS 369 — Performance of Humor
CMNS 324— Culture of Consumption
CMNS 337— Asian-American Media Representations
CMNS 346— Social Media Research Methods
CMNS 301— Audio Documentary
MCS 353 — Topics in Media Studies