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Communication and Media Graduate Student Ambassador

Have questions about the Communication and Media graduate program? Ask our graduate student ambassador below.

Student Ambassador Brian Bohr

Brian Bohr is a second year graduate student in the Communication and Media program where he specializes in Relational Communication. In addition to his ambassador role, Brian serves as the Communication and Media Graduate Assistant; where he works with students enrolled in CMN 104: Public Speaking.

Brian completed his BA (Cum Laude) from Northwestern University with a degree in Communication and Theatre. Upon graduation, Brian performed in numerous productions throughout Chicago, New York, and even Doha, Qatar.  He can also been seen in several nationally-aired commercials. However, Brian’s true passion has been working as a high school forensics (speech) coach; where he works with young adults on their communication and rhetorical skills.

While most of his research has centered around communication apprehension, Brian is interested in many aspects of both communication and rhetoric; and welcomes any questions you might have.

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