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MCS Prof. Alvaray Served as CIFF Judge

The Chicago International Film Festival wraps up tomorrow, but the College of Communication remains proud that Media and Cinema Studies Professor Luisela Alvaray served CIFF’s 50th anniversary celebration as a judge on the fest’s documentary panel.

“I had a fulfilling experience as a judge of the Documentary Feature Competition at the 50th Chicago International Film Festival. I watched superb films depicting places as diverse as the Czech Republic, Mauritius, Polynesia, Tunisia, China, Mexico, Cuba and the US. In many cases, we listened to the filmmakers explaining their creative process and describing the challenges to convey their views.

“This experience showed me not only a panoramic array of what is being made, but it also provided me with first-hand information on some critical issues affecting both local and international communities—such as the extent of the damage done by nuclear testing; or the necessity of helping preserve some traditional cultures. It also allowed me to assess the innovative ways filmmakers all over the world are finding to communicate their vision through the documentary film medium.”

A great experience for Prof. Alvaray, which she’ll surely bring back to her classroom and documentary studies here in the College of Communication.