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PRAD's Culp Writes on New Media Skills in Business Officer Article

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Public Relations and Advertising Professional Director Ron Culp has a new article published in the May 2014 issue of Business Officer. "Media Skills for a New Scenario" sees Culp drawing attention to the need for a new set of communication skills for those in the public eye in the 24/7 news cycle in which we now find ourselves.

"Politicians, public interest groups, and media seek issues that provide easy headlines and an opportunity to affect change. Drawing increased attention, particularly during these turbulent political times within all levels of government, are the myriad issues affecting higher education—tuition increases, student debt, government mandates, student accessibility, time-to-degree completion, proliferation of online courses, and more.

"Amidst the scrutiny, little attention is given to the resources needed to sustain a business model heavily dependent on competitive wages and benefits, long-term capital investments, tuition cost sensitivity, and the like. Other than state institutions that routinely appeal for funds from state legislatures, higher education has often done too little over the years to advocate for itself.

"Facing the new economic realities, higher education leaders, including business officers, must more effectively communicate institutional financial needs and the overall value proposition of a college degree. Fortunately, new communication tools and methods are at hand..."