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Alvaray on Using Photography for Intercultural Awareness

College of Communication  /  3/31/2014  / Twitter / Facebook

Media and Cinema Studies Professor Luisela Alvaray recently published an article with Communication Currents, the publication of the National Communication Association. "Snap Shots: Using Photography for Intercultural Awareness and Understanding" is a look at the power of imagery to unveil cultural stereotypes and look toward understanding beyond preconception.

"Watching images through mass media presents a challenge for understanding the complexities of different cultures within and outside the United States. Photographic images, in particular, are ubiquitous in our mediated world, populating old and interactive media. Many times, they serve to perpetuate established codes of understanding and action. The power of photography lies not only in its emotional force, but also in its capacity to claim authenticity while representing the world…"

For Prof. Alvaray's entire article, visit Communication Currents.​