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DePaul Talks 2014: Making Meaning of Violence

This event is now past.

April 14 and 15, 2014, DePaul University’s College of Communication is celebrating its first annual communication symposium with the theme “Making Meaning of Violence.” During these two days, faculty, students, and honored guests from the community will discuss different aspects of violence and the work being done in our college, the university, and by other leaders and organizations to address this issue.

The 2014 Communication Symposium consists of a series of free events, open to the public, bringing together the DePaul community at large to learn and discuss an issue of much important and relevance in today’s society. The events and discussion will demonstrate range of approaches, methodologies and perspectives. The symposium showcases the College of Communication and its broad rage of expertise including: Public speaking, Scholarly research, film, performance art, advertising, public relations, intercultural communication, journalism, and community engagement, among others.

Participants and presenters from other colleges at DePaul and community organizations will speak about their experience and research on the topic. Experts on domestic violence, gun violence, law, advocacy, community work, and other related areas will explain the work being done in the university and the community to make meaning of violence.