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Zachary Campbell

Zachary Campbell earned his BFA and MA from New York University before coming to the Chicago area to pursue his PhD at Northwestern in the Screen Cultures program, which he completed in 2015.
His dissertation explored the early applications of video recording technology into television broadcasting circa 1956-1965, and as it has developed, it is an historically-based study of the social construction of media ontology. Additionally, Campbell maintains a passionate interest in film culture and cinephilia, and much of his teaching concentrates on film history, criticism, and theory.

Selected Publications

  • "Arrested Frames",​ World Picture 11 (Summer 2016)
  • "Sovereign Style: The Expression of Utopian Politics in Jean-Louis Comolli's Le Cecilia", Krystalbilleder, No. 5 (Spring 2015), pp. 98-111. Translated into Danish.
  • "How We Got the Mob", Lola, No. 4 (Sep. 2013)
  • "On the Political Challenges of the Cinephile Today", Framework, Vol. 50, Nos. 1-2, Spring & Fall 2009, pp. 210-213