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Joshua Adams

  • Adjunct Faculty
  • MA, (​University of Southern California)​​
​Joshua Adams is a writer, educator, and arts and culture journalist from Chicago, Illinois. He’s particularly interested in race and gender, and how these topics intersect within art, culture, and politics in current and historical contexts. He has done work with publications such as Brooklyn Mag, PopMatters, News One, The Guardian, Ebony, Teen Vogue, Colorlines, and more.

Joshua earned his MA in Print Journalism from the University of Southern California, following earning a BA in African American Studies from the University of Virginia.

Selected Publications

Upcoming Conferences

  • International James Baldwin Conference (2016)
  • Discursos de poder: Planting, Perpetuating, and Protesting Power in Literature and Linguistics
  • University of St. Thomas Graduate English Conference Politics and Sensation
  • Page 23 LitCon at Denver Comic Con​
  • "#QueerAF: (Re)Presenting Gender & Sexuality in History & Cultural Studies" at Dean Hopper New Scholars Conference
  • ALA 2017 CTLA Panel: Recent Critical Work on Film and Television Adaptations of Literary Narratives
  • "4H: History, Hamilton, & Hip Hop in School" for the 2018 MLA Conference