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Kvetch as Kvetch Can: Jewish Cartoons (2010)

Clarkson Potter/Random House
Hardcover, 99pp.

Kvetch As Kvetch Can
Hold on to your yarmulkes. Ken Krimstein has put together a matzo-ball-soup-through-your-nose funny collection of his unorthodox (sometimes Reform) Jewish-themed cartoons. This book will make you laugh, eat, and feel guilty all at once. It’s like your Jewish mother that way. 

Speaking of which, would it kill you to call her?

Taking on all things “Tribe” from the High Holidays to J-date, Kvetch As Kvetch Can is the perfect guilty pleasure (just add it to the list!)

Ken Krimstein is a professional lecturer in DePaul University's College of Communication Public Relations and Advertising program.