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Our Legacies: Writings from Chicago's Older Gay Men (2011)

Edited by Dustin Bradley Goltz
Softcover, eBook 236pp.

Our Legacies
Together, the six authors in this anthology paint a diverse and multi-vocal portrait of gay male aging, gay history, and gay culture. Through a collection of poems, prose, and essays, these men examine and narrate the experience of being an “older” gay male in the new millennium. As members of Chicago’s gay community, the words of Allen Brown, Ralph Conrad, Randy Gresham, Joe Kenney, Tom Stabnicki and Dion Walton offer layered, heartbreaking, and humorous perspectives on the meaning of gay and gray in the year 2010.

The collection is edited by Dustin Bradley Goltz, PhD, associate professor at DePaul University, whose research explores the gay youth obsession and the discursive production of gay male future in contemporary popular culture. From activism and loss, to relationships and hope, this edited anthology works to both preserve and pass on their legacies to gay cultures of the present, of gay cultures now past, and for the ones that are yet to be.

This book was published though the support of DePaul University’s College of Communication.

The writers and artists, Allen Brown, Ralph Conrad, Randy Gresham, Joe Kenney, Tom Stabnicki and Dion Walton, each live in Chicago and are members of The Center on Halsted's SAGE Program.

Dustin Bradley Goltz, PhD, is an associate professor of Communication Studies at DePaul University in Chicago, in The College of Communication.