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Latin American Diasporas in Public Diplomacy (2021)

Edited ​by Vanessa Bravo and Maria De Moya​
Palgrave Macmillan
Hardcover, eBook. 332pp.

De Moya: Latin American Diasporas in Public Diplomacy
This book on Latin American Diasporas in Public Diplomacy explains and illustrates, through case studies, the different strategic roles that diaspora groups play in modern public diplomacy efforts. These are categorized by being participatory, having a strong involvement of non-state actors, involving frequent partnerships, and placing an increased focus on global issues. In particular, this book provides, in its 13 chapters, the perspective of Latin American diasporas and nations, which are severely underrepresented in the public diplomacy literature. 

Additionally, because it is written from a strategic communication perspective, this book provides insight into a variety of public diplomacy approaches employed by modern-day diasporas from Latin America. It also describes some examples of diaspora-targeted, state-led public diplomacy efforts in the region. Taking a regional focus to the exploration of diasporas in public diplomacy, this edited book facilitates cross-country comparisons and the understanding of the phenomena beyond the country-specific cases.