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Broken Trust: Overcoming an Intimate Betrayal (2017)

By Tim Cole and Emily Duddleston
Paperback, 228pp.

Broken Trust
A partner's betrayal doesn't have to define your relationship.

The key to working through an intimate betrayal is learning how to communicate with your partner in a way that promotes truthfulness and understanding. Although such conversations are difficult to manage, our book provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to honestly discuss the issue with your partner and find a resolution to the problem at hand.

We're confident our approach will help you better understand the betrayal you're going through and give you the tools you need to strengthen and repair your relationship.

As a reader of our book you can join a private, confidential online community where you can share your experiences, ask us questions, and get advice from us and others on how best to move forward. This online community includes assessment tools, online journals, forums, and a variety of additional resources to help you cope with and recover from an intimate betrayal.

Tim Cole earned his doctorate in interpersonal communication at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Cole was one of the first scholars to discover how differences in people’s need for attachment can lead to an intimate betrayal. He is an award-winning associate professor at DePaul University where he does research and teaches courses on attachment, deception, and close relationships.

Emily Duddleston received her master’s degree in relational communication at DePaul University, where she worked with Dr. Cole to take academic research on infidelity and intimate betrayals and translate it into practical advice people can use to work through transgressions and rebuild trust.