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Online Learning

The College of Communication offers a growing selection of undergraduate and graduate coursework that combines innovative and distinctive delivery methods to students wishing to supplement or complete their academic work through online learning either through hybrid or fully online courses.

In addition to individual courses, we also offer a degree completion program in Communication and Media for those looking to fulfill the requirements fully online.

Students and Faculty Are the Cornerstones of Our Courses

Here in the College of Communication, the same faculty who teach in our physical classrooms also teach in our virtual classrooms. Our faculty develop their online courses with an artisan's approach based on their expertise in their given disciplines. Students aren't tied to prefabricated course content from outside sources, and students are not made to view pre-recorded classroom lectures. This approach is coupled with the college's high standards that ensure consistency and quality in each and every class that we offer. All of these factors go toward giving students a more active and vibrant learning experience in their studies both in and outside of the classroom.

See our Online Learning Programs & Courses page for more information about online work offered on a regular or cyclical basis.


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