DePaul Journalism Faculty Win Peabody Award

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Carol Marin and Don Moseley, co-directors of our new Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence, exemplify values in their reporting work.

A Celebration of Star Trek

A Celebration of Star Trek

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Stardate: 5.7.16. Loop Campus. Boldly explore Star Trek, in-depth. Featuring producer keynote by Brannon Braga.

PRAD Students Awarded Arthur W. Page Society Grand Prize

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“Starbucks, The Third Place on a Third Rail Issue: An Analysis of Starbucks’ Race Together Initiative”

Good DePaul In-Depth

Good Day DePaul In-Depth

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Good Day DePaul In-Depth is a brand-new show that introduces our journalism students to long-form “magazine-style” television news reporting.

Social Media Command Center

Social Media Command Center

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The College of Communication's new Innovation Lab prepares the next generation of social media practitioners.

Where can a degree in communication take you?

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91% of our MA degree recipients in full-time roles are in a job related to their degree. See where a master's degree can take your career.


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DePaul’s graduate students are a select group of practitioners, scholars, working professionals and aspiring academicians who share an understanding of the power of authentic communication in today’s shrinking and diverse world. Explore the exciting work you can engage in within our graduate programs.

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