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DePaul Talks: Making Meaning of Violence Symposium Loop Schedule

Tuesday April 15 (Loop Campus)

11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.
Brownbag Lunch (Room 1834)
Title: Interdisciplinary Anti-Violence Work Across the DePaul Community
Event Leader: Lexa Murphy

In this forum the audience will be introduced to the broad rage of anti-violence initiatives, projects, and activities happening across the campus. The presenters will speak about their work with students and the community to discuss and address issues of violence.


  • Mark Laboe, Associate Vice President for University Ministry. As a contribution to President Obama's Interfaith and Community Campus Challenge, DePaul worked in collaboration with the Chicago Public Schools Service Learning Office and other community groups to organize "Blue for Peace," a year-long community service project designed to raise awareness of and address violence against youth in Chicago.
  • Miles Harvey, Assistant Professor, English Department. Led by Miles Harvey, DePaul undergraduate and graduate students in creative writing interviewed Chicago residents who have been affected by violence. This unique collection oral-history narratives were compiled in the book, "How Long Will I Cry?" and adapted as a play by Steppenwolf Theatre.
  • Rubén Álvarez Silva, Ministry Coordinator for the DePaul Community Service Association (DCSA) & the Community Peacemakers (CPM), DePaul University Ministry

1:30-2:30 p.m.
Academic Panel (14 East Jackson Room LL102)
Title: Theoretical and Practical Responses to Gun Violence in and Beyond the Academy
Event Leader: Jay Baglia

Panelists will discuss issues related to gun violence and present their own work on the topic. The discussion will incorporate work in social work, nursing, journalism and advocacy.


  • Ellen Chiocca from Nursing will be discussing how guns violence produces strain on trauma units in hospitals
  • Noam Ostander has developed an international reputation as an expert on gun violence, disability, and masculinity. His research is informed through Dr. Ostrander’s social work experience in hospitals, community agencies, and as a clinical therapist.
  • Angelica Robinson, current DePaul Journalism student, will speak about her experiences interviewing family members of gunshot homicides
  • Lana Colvin, a former Organizational and Multicultural MA student, is the program manager of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. She will presenting with Mark Walsh, the campaign director of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. They will be discussing the conceal and carry law.

4:30-6:00 p.m.
Student Showcase and Reception (14 East Jackson Room LL102)
Showcase student work across college
Title: Students making meaning of violence
Event Leaders: Dustin Goltz and Maria De Moya

DePaul College of Communication students will present work and projects developed as part of the courses and activities they have participated in.

“Out of Control. Finding Solutions: Chicago's Gun Violence Problem.”
Undergraduate students in Mike Reilley's Winter 2013 Online Journalism II course produced this multimedia website examining the increase in gun violence in the city. The project was reported in 2013, shortly after the Hadiya Pendleton shooting on the South Side that put a national spotlight on Chicago. The package includes stories, video, interactive crime maps and infographics.

“The Breaking Bad Research Project”
Students in Luisela Alvaray's class created a common project focusing on the popular television series Breaking Bad (AMC, 2008-2013). They departed from some common questions: Why the popularity of Breaking Bad? What makes a predominantly violent TV series one of the highest rated in the present? What does violence represent within the series and how does it relate to our social discourses? Divided into 6 groups and based on the above questions, the students approached the analysis of the series from different methodological perspectives: Narrative and Stylistic Analysis, Ideological Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Production Studies, Critical Writing and Fans’ Reception.

“Rethinking Violence and Advertising”
Students in Ken Krimstein’s class created advertising campaigns to invite students, faculty and community members to attend DePaul College of Communication’s first Symposium. Graduate and undergraduate advertising students took this event on as their class client and competed to be the campaign selected to promote this event. Students were challenged with helping establish the visual identity for the event, and for communicating the event’s theme in a way that emphasizes the positive work that is being, and can be, done to address the issue of violence.

Work from classes taught by Jay Baglia, Dustin Goltz, Mike Devlin, Daniel Makagon, and other professors in the college will also take part in the exhibition.

6:00-7:30 p.m.
Academic/Activist Panel (14 East Jackson Room LL102)
Title: "Social Death: Racism, Violence, and Activism in Chicago"
Event Leader: Lisa Calvente

The panel will consist of academics/activists in Chicago approaching the intersections between racism, violence, and activism through their work in their respective fields and/or community activist work. Each panelist will provide a 5-10 minute thought/introduction on the topic from their work and the rest of the time will consist of the panelists answering questions collected from the College of Communication students.


  • D. Soyini Madison, Professor, Performance Studies, Northwestern University
  • David Stovall, Associate Professor, African American Studies and Education, U of I-Chicago
  • John Marquez, Assistant Professor, African American Studies, Northwestern University
  • L. Anton Seal, Jr., Community Activist, member of Interrupt Violence and Eat 2 Live Englewood; co-creator and member of the Revival Arts Collective
  • Tim'm West, Youth Advocate, Performance Artist, and Director of Youth Programs at Center on Halsted