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Oluseyi Adegbola

​​​Oluseyi Adegbo​la holds an MA in communication from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He earned a PhD in media and communication from Texas Tech University. Before coming to the U.S. for graduate study, Oluseyi worked with a nonprofit involved in environmental advocacy, and later, in the public relations office of the National Center for Energy Research & Development in Nigeria.

Oluseyi's research explores news media representations and how such representations, along with everyday political talk and cultural beliefs, can influence public opinion and political behavior. His research also examines how government and corporate organizations use social media to engage strategic publics.

Selected Publications

Adegbola, O., & Gearhart, S. (2019). Examining the relationship between media use and political engagement: A comparative study between the U.S., Kenya, and Nigeria. International Journal of Communication, 13, 1231-1251

Gearhart, S., Adegbola, O., & Heummer, J. (2019) Where’s the fracking bias? Contested media frames and news reporting on shale gas in the United States. Energy Research & Social Science, 51, 168-175. doi:10.1016/j.erss.2019.01.010

Adegbola, O., Gearhart, S., & Mitchell, J. (2018). Using Instagram to engage with (potential) consumers: A study of Forbes most valuable brands’ use of Instagram. The Journal of Social Media in Society, 7(2), 232 - 251