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Blaire Kleeman

Blaire Kleeman is a diligent creative writer, digital content creator and producer. She is an adept researcher who can find information on even the most obscure topics and enjoys immersing herself in the world of whatever project she may be working on. Her expertise is varied: video campaigns for the web, broadcast commercials, documentaries, reality television, podcasting, critical analysis of media, journalism, and public speaking.

Currently Blaire is a web content producer at DePaul University, where she works in tandem with the university's branding team to bring the best video content to the university's YouTube page and social media channels. She was most recently a contracted senior digital content strategist at Social Media Beast, where she served as a copywriter and brand lead for the digital efforts of over a dozen brands and is built the company's video department from the ground up. She was also recently a producer at Original Six Media, where she had been an integral member of the production team for two and a half years, and associate producer at New Chapter Entertainment.

Blaire trained in branded video, television, broadcast commercials, and documentary filmmaking under HARPO television veterans and has been the creative lead on many video campaigns for the web, including writing and co-producing the trailer a fully funded documentary about impoverished youth in Chicago ("I Am for Peace") as well as being an associate producer on the film, and producing the Nielsen Knows 2014 #ConsciousConsumer campaign​. She has a passion for working with nonprofits and charities in her work, and likes to focus her creative energy on video productions that promote diversity in corporate environments. She is a meticulous copywriter, highly skilled in the logistics of pre-production and preparation, a warm and encouraging field producer, and tireless with assisting through all facets of post-production needs.

Outside of the office, Blaire is a big time geek. As the host of Professional Geek Podcast​, she and a cohost interview successful creatives with geeky backgrounds. The podcast is in the professional development genre, and is a great tool for students, aspiring creatives, and seasoned professionals.

Blaire earned her BA in The Art of Narrative Film from Mills College in Oakland, CA​.