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Sean Goatley-Soan

  • Adjunct Faculty
  • MS (Illinois State University)​
  • Communication and Media Undergraduate
  • ​Intercultural Communication, Language Attitudes, Speech Communication, Interpersonal, and Intergroup Communication
​Sean Goatley-Soan is an adjunct faculty member within the College of Communication at DePaul University, he is currently teaching Introduction to Human Communication.

Sean, who is originally from South Africa, received his BA in 2013 from Campbell University in North Carolina, with an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies–PR and Broadcast and Electronic Media. Following, he attended Illinois State University to pursue his Master’s degree where he specialized in Intercultural Communication & Training, and Language Attitudes. His master’s thesis examined the effects of different varieties of English linguistic styles (e.g., accent, dialect) on speaker evaluations in an employment setting, as well as the sociohistorical, cognitive, and affective processes underlying those effects. Additionally, his thesis won NCA’s Top Master’s Quantitative Thesis Award in the Social Science Education section.

Sean’s other research interests include Interpersonal and Intergroup Communication, Pedagogy, and Speech Communication. At Illinois State University, Sean taught Communication as Critical Inquiry. During this time, he was the recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Teacher Award and was selected to be a Peer Mentor for incoming graduate students, which involved leading, mentoring, and evaluating new instructors through their first year of teaching. Furthermore, he is currently working on an intercultural training manual, to assess and provide organizations with practical and academic based intercultural strategies and training activities.

Outside of academia, Sean likes to surf and spend time on the beach, however, this is a most difficult challenge to accomplish in Chicago. So, in turn, he likes to workout, read books, play golf, and travel/road trip somewhere new whenever possible.

Selected Publications

  • Goatley-Soan, S. (2016). Words Apart: A Study of Attitudes Towards Varieties of South African Accents in a United States Employment Scenario (Master’s Thesis). Retrieved from ProQuest Dissertations Publishing ID#10725.
  • Smith, M., Goatley-Soan, S., Brown, M., Brown., B., & Hawkin, K. (2013). Oral History: Mrs. Dorothea Stewart-Gilbert. Annual Academic Symposium, Campbell University.