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Luke Stadel

Luke Stadel is a media historian who specializes in the history of media technologies, especially the history of American television. Approaching media from the perspective of apparatus, infrastructure, and technological assemblage, his research attempts to unpack the deep histories of everyday media technologies and to discover the meanings embedded in technologies before they reach consumer audiences, as well as the multiple and varied uses to which media technologies are put, especially in professional and specialized settings.

His work has addressed topics ranging from the emergence of pornography on cable television, the history of film history, the transition to sound, and the emergence of technical standards for television broadcasting.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles
  • “Radio/Television/Sound: Radio Aesthetics and Perceptual Technics in Early American Television”, The Journal of E-Media Studies, special issue on early television history (forthcoming)
  • “Cable, Pornography, and the Reinvention of Television, 1982-1989”, Cinema Journal 53.3 (Spring 2014), 52-75
  • “Lewis Jacobs and American Film Historiography”, Quarterly Review of Film and Video 31.2 (2014), 180-193
  • “Wrestling and Cinema, 1892-1911”, Early Popular Visual Culture 11.4 (November 2013), 342-364
  • “Natural Sound in the Early Talkie Western”, Music, Sound, and the Moving Image 5.2 (Autumn 2011), 113-136
  • “From 35mm to 1080p: Film, HDTV, and Image Quality in 1980s American Television”, Spectator 32.1 (Spring 2012), 31-36
Online Articles