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Maureen Ryan

​Maureen Ryan received her PhD from Northwestern University's Screen Cultures program, and her BA in Sociology and English from Loyola University Chicago. She teaches courses on media and cultural studies, broadcast and film history, media ethics, media in everyday life, and food media.

Her research explores the history and politics of women's labor, domesticity, and consumer capitalism in television and digital media.  She is the author of the forthcoming book Lifestyle Media in American Culture: A Better Everyday (Routledge 2017), which offers a cultural history of food and home-centered media in the American media landscape from the postwar period to today. Her current research project is an edited collection of essays exploring the politics of new forms of feminism emerging in popular culture, tentatively titled Emergent Feminisms: Challenging a Postfeminist Media Culture.

Selected Publications

  • “Entertaining Fantasies: Lifestyle and Social Life in 1980s America.” Journal of Communication Inquiry 39(1) 82-101, 2015
  • “Logics of Lifestyle and the Rise of Scripps Networks, 1994-2010.” Feminist Media Histories 1(2) 37-63, 2015
  • “Apartment Therapy, Everyday Modernism, Aspirational Disposability.” Television and New Media 15(1) 68-80, 2014​