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Kendahl Damico

​Hailing from a dynamic background in advertising and communication, Kendahl Damico is a creative director whose copywriting expertise has afforded her the opportunity to work on some of today’s most influential brands including Under Armour, Gatorade, Procter & Gamble, Bimbo Bakeries, and more.

As a DePaul University alumna, Kendahl began her career in journalism and has contributed to several publications and websites, including Concierge Preferred Magazine,,, and Iconography The Magazine. It’s her strategically led campaign development across channels, however, that led Kendahl to her newest role as adjunct faculty for the College of Communication's Public Relations and Advertising​ program.

Thrilled to be contributing her dynamic media background with DePaul’s undergraduate students, Kendahl looks forward to cultivating the industry’s incoming creative talent.​