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Faculty Focus: Jim Motzer

PRAD faculty member Jim Motzer.PRAD faculty member Jim Motzer.
By Rachel Marciano
Originally published in DePaul Newsline​

What is your role at DePaul?
 in the College of Communication for the last six years. Before that, I was an adjunct faculty member for two quarters.

How do you make students world ready?
In addition to my assignments being a low-stakes version of actual entry-level work, I prepare them from a personal qualities and broader skills perspective. I encourage students to be curious, be persistent and to try to think of a variety of different approaches in problem solving. It's better to think of multiple approaches than to have forgotten something that may have worked.

That first part is about succeeding on the job, the second part is how you get that job. I feel a strong commitment to making students feel they have the tools to actually get a job. I help them learn how to build their professional networks and leverage the resources we have at DePaul - how to reach out to alumni, how to prepare their resumes and how to tell their stories in the most positive light.

I teach the capstone course and one of the first things I have students do is meet with me to go over their resume to try to put the best information forward. For example, there are creative ways to talk about retail jobs, which is common experience for young professionals. You can phrase "sales" in a more intriguing way, such as "consistently recognized for exceeding sales goals." That invites questions from the employer, "What exactly does that mean?" or "What were some of the approaches you took to exceed those sales goals?"

Not only are we writing the bullets in a resume, but I also encourage them to think of the questions that information invites. I encourage students to think through those follow up questions before they even go into the interview, so they can tell a decent story about their experience that's relatable to the job they're seeking.