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Seeing Fans: Representations of Fandom in Media and Popular Culture

By Paul Booth​

Seeing Fans analyzes the representations of fans in the mass media through a diverse range of perspectives. This collection opens with a preface by noted actor and fan Orlando Jones, whose recent work on fandom bridges the worlds of academia and the media industry.

Section one focuses on the representations of fans in documentaries and news reports. The second section then examines fictional representations of fans through analyses of television and film. Section three explores cultural perspectives on fan representations. Finally, the last section looks at global perspectives on the ways fans have been represented.

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This book concentrates on how the media represent fans and fandom, both from a historical and from a contemporary perspective. It also includes interviews with media creators who use fans in their work. It is an accessible and fascinating glimpse of how the media can affect our interpretation of the world around us.

About the author
Paul Booth is an associate professor of media and cinema studies at DePaul. He has authored and edited multiple books, including Game Play and Controversies in Digital Ethics. He has published numerous articles on fans, social media and technology. His research interests include fandom, new technologies and media, popular culture and cult media.

Article originally published by DePaul Newsline.