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Crossing Fandoms: SuperWhoLock and the Contemporary Fan Audience

Crossing Fandoms
What do you get when you cross the cult shows Doctor WhoSupernatural and Sherlock?

Crossing Fandoms (Palgrave, May 2016) explores the fan-created crossover universe known as SuperWhoLock - a universe where Sherlock Holmes and Dean Winchester work together to fight monsters like the Daleks and the Weeping Angels; a world where John Watson is friends with Amy Pond; a space where the unique brands of fandom interact.

Crossing Fandoms argues that SuperWhoLock represents more than just those three shows - it is a way of doing fandom. Through interviews with fans and analysis of fan texts, this book also demonstrates how fan studies in the digital age can evolve to take into account changing fan activities and texts.

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This book examines the fan-created combination of Doctor Who, Sherlock and Supernatural as a uniquely digital fan experience and as a metaphor for ongoing scholarship into contemporary fandom.
About the author
Paul Booth is an associate professor of Media and Cinema Studies at DePaul. He has authored and edited multiple books, including Game Play and Controversies in Digital Ethics. He has published numerous articles on fans, social media and technology. His research interests include fandom, new technologies and media, popular culture and cult media. 
Article originally published by DePaul Newsline.