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Career Outcomes

Career opportunities for Intercultural Communication practitioners include (but are not limited to):

Advertising Account Executive
Leadership Skills Developer
Advertising Senior Account Manager
Management Consultant
Bing Evangelist
Marketing Associate
Broadcast Producer
Marketing Coordinator
Business Development Coordinator
Marketing Lead
Media Relations Specialist
Communication Analyst
Morning Show Co-Host
Communication Coach
National Account Manager - Logistics
Communication Specialist
Non-profit Program Manager
Content Manager
Office Manager
Corporate Communications Coordinator
Personal Banker
Customer Relationship Manager
Production Assistant
Digital Marketing Strategist
Project Manager
Director of Communications
Public Relations Account Executive
E-commerce Merchandising Manager Real Estate Broker
Recruiter (HR)
Event Coordinator
Executive Assistant
Sales Coordinator
Higher Education Admissions Officer Sales Manager
Human Resources Associate Social Media Specialist
Human Resources Manager Supply Chain Project Manager
Information Coordinator
If you require more information including help with jobs and internships, networking, career advice and more, please visit DePaul's Career Center.