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Study Away Program: Rome - Film Studies

RomeSpend your summer in Rome! Study how Italian culture and identity are portrayed through films from classics such as Bicycle Thieves, La Dolce Vita, and Roman Holiday, to acclaimed contemporary works like Gomorra and Romanzo Criminale. Visits to filming locations in Rome illuminate how cinema uses settings to structure our experience of a city, a nation, and its culture. Discussions with Italian film industry representatives provide a firsthand perspective on the filmmaking process, revealing how creative and practical choices affect the representation of cultural issues. The program includes a weekend excursion to Florence and the beautiful Tuscan countryside, along with a journey to an Italian film festival.
Application Process
Students must apply to Rome - Film Studies via Study Abroad. Accepted students will be enrolled in the appropriate course in the Fall term prior to travel. See Study Abroad for criteria and deadlines.

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Image used through Creative Commons license via Flickr. Photo credit: Luc Mercelis