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PRAD Student Ambassador

Kevin Spitta

Kevin Spitta
After earning a bachelor’s degree in Media Design and working in a B2B advertising agency, I moved about 4,400 miles from my hometown of Stuttgart (Germany) to Chicago. In 2015, I started to pursue my master's degree in DePaul’s Public Relations and Advertising​ (PRAD) program. This great opportunity was made possible through a Fulbright scholarship.

When researching universities in the U.S., DePaul’s program immediately became the stand-out. Being an award-winning program in a vibrant city like Chicago and offering unparalleled interaction with local and international businesses, DePaul’s PRAD program was definitely the right choice for me.

I am excited to be the graduate assistant for the PRAD program here in my second year at DePaul. I’d be happy to assist you with any questions about the program or student life in Chicago. Please do not hesitate to send me a message!

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