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Complete Your Degree

Degree Completion Options

Students choose from the following degree completion options: comprehensive exam, Scholarly Paper/Project, or the master's project. Students must have a 3.7 cumulative GPA to complete the master's project.

Comprehensive Exam
Students complete a three-part comprehensive exam based on questions derived from a minimum of one College of Communication core course (CMNS 570 or MCS 575) and two additional courses pulled from either the other core course and/or from the College of Communication elective courses (JOUR, MCS, or PRAD).

Master's Project
Two project courses (DMA 695 and CMNS 595​) replace two additional elective classes. The student will create an original project (i.e., web- or film-based projects, or projects related to professional or educational organizations) and a 30- to 40-page accompanying written report/analysis.

Graduate Scholarly Paper/Project
In consultation with a faculty member in the College of Communication, the student should expand a paper or project they worked on in the program. This paper/project should be something to which the student wishes to expand upon or devote more time.

FORM: Degree Completion Worksheet