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Digital Communication Student Ambassadors

Ashley Reynolds

Student Ambassador Ashley Reynolds
Ashley is a currently a master's student in the Digital Communication and Media Arts (DCMA) program with a focus in documentary production. Like the city of Chicago, she is a melting pot of experiences, including years in health recruitment, freelance photography/editing and, most recently teaching through DePaul's Teaching Assistant Program.

Her scholarly efforts began with a BA in philosophy and she will ultimately pursue a PhD in Communication. With the support of talented friends and mentors, Ashley is currently building a documentary forum space under the BebbleRebel™. Her ultimate goal is to nurture diversity and social justice in the documentary arena.​

Jenny Montagne

Jenny Montagne
Jenny Montagne is currently pursuing her master’s degree in the College of Communication’s Digital Communication and Media Arts (DCMA) program. She received a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Green Mountain College in Vermont. She has worked for several conservation- and research-based nonprofits in Vermont and now Chicago in communications, marketing, and public outreach roles.

Jenny is interested in audio production and new media journalism, and enrolled in the DCMA program to grow her production and editing skills and enhance her professional portfolio. She hopes to apply her skillset to supporting social justice initiatives.​

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