PRAD Student Essay on Native Advertising Selected for Seaman Award

​Public Relations and Advertising student Madeline Buchel's paper titled "Native Advertising: Ethical Implications and Guidelines for Effective Utilization” was selected as one of the two winning papers for the 2016 Advertising Educational Foundation’s Alfred J. Seaman Award for Best Undergraduate Essay on Advertising and Society.

Madeline will receive the honor at the Annual Honors Night Dinner in New York City on June 14th. In addition to traveling to New York, Madeline will receive $1,000 from the Advertising Educational Foundation (AEF), and the paper will be considered for publication in AEF’s journal, Advertising & Society Review.

“This was not a class paper but a project Madeline started as my undergraduate research assistant,” said PRAD Assistant Professor Yeuseu​ng Kim. “Madeline has been the best research assistant I could ask for and also a great partner to discuss new research ideas with.

“Native advertising was a topic that we started discussing last year and I asked Madeline to lead conducting a literature review on deception in advertising, source credibility issues in advertising and journalism, and visual effects in advertising. Madeline was able to synthesize what she found based on her secondary research and develop five guidelines on how to best maximize the effectiveness and the ethical soundness of native advertising. We are currently planning to conduct experiments to test some of the guidelines.”