Marin Discusses ‘Donald Dilemma’ with Poynter

Marin: "I think Trump is a hard if not impossible, interview, yes."

Donald Trump and Fox News' Megyn Kelly
Donald Trump and Fox News' Megyn Kelly. Image via Fox News 2016.
Carol Marin, co-director of DePaul's Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence, spoke with Poynter about a journalist's work covering political candidates, and most specific to this election cycle, Donald Trump.

"I think Trump is a hard if not impossible, interview, yes," Marin told Poynter for their piece, "The Donald dilemma: How does one really interview Trump?"

Marin, recently returned to the university after covering the Republican National Convention, assesses how reporters interviewing Trump on the campaign trail have fared in getting the candidate to talk substantively thus far. She gives high marks to Fox News's Megyn Kelly for "cracking the code" and for "not letting [Trump] off the hook," while she found MSNBC's Chris Matthews' approach when interviewing Trump to be "less what [Matthews] asked but the tone assumed to challenge Trump. We all struggle to be true with who we are as journalists, but not become the person we are interviewing."

And while Trump appears to be a very difficult interview subject, Marin gives insight into where an objective interviewer must maintain a wall between themselves and a subject such as Donald Trump.

"The more you become like Trump in these conversations, the more you feed into what he is yearning to have people see, namely that he is being attacked by mainstream media. I do think he is masterful at this."

For more of Poynter's coverage and additional insights from Marin, check out "The Donald dilemma" at the institute's website.