2013 Teaching Awards for Communication Faculty

Three College of Communication professors have been selected to receive awards for their commitments to teaching in 2013.

Professor Tim Cole (Relational Communication) has been selected to receive DePaul University's Excellence in Teaching Award at this autumn's convocation.

Tim's teaching evaluations are consistently exceptional and sentiments testifying to the personal and life-changing impact of his teaching from our students are commonplace in communication classrooms. The committee was particularly impressed with his exhaustive commitment to course preparation through teaching up-to-the-moment and relevant interdisciplinary research. He is consistently shifting, changing and reworking his course materials in order to meet the specific needs of our students, mindfully engage their questions, and continually challenge their ways of thinking. He models the curiosity and sharing he works to foster in our students through a committed and generous example that enacts a class environment of collaborative learning and a commitment to the development of learning communities.
This commitment to teaching has engendered quite a following among the student body at DePaul. It is not uncommon for incoming freshmen to come to their first advising session with a request for a “Tim Cole class.” By way of explanation, they share that a sibling or friend has explained that their DePaul education will not be complete without a class with Tim Cole.

Instructor Jim Motzer​ (Public Relations and Advertising) has been selected for the College of Communication 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award for Term Faculty.

Jim brings more than 30 years of award-winning public relations agency experience into our classrooms, where he teaches a wide range of courses across the public relations and advertising curriculum.  His energy and  enthusiasm set his teaching apart, and his commitment to helping students discover their best professional fit in the public relations professional world is exceptional.  Jim has developed a following of students who describe his courses as transformational and thrive on the personal attention he devotes to them, whether leading student teams through strategy meetings for campaign development, visiting public relations agencies to introduce students to his ever-expanding circle of professional contacts, or mentoring members of the DePaul IABC chapter.  He is the ultimate team player: collegial, creative, and dedicated to the highest quality outcomes for students.

Adjunct instructor Amy Merrick (Journalism) is the recipient of the College of Communication 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award for Adjunct Faculty.
Amy uses her more than ten years of experience as a staff reporter with the Wall Street Journal’s Chicago bureau, as well as her time spent at Fortune magazine, the Miami Herald, and R&D magazine, as the foundation for engaging students in collaborative learning both inside and outside the classroom.

In addition to teaching students the importance of mastering journalism basics, Amy is dedicated to educating them on the most up-to-date reporting techniques, always emphasizing reporters’ social responsibilities. She encourages her feature writing students to tackle subjects of significance, to push themselves beyond easier topics—restaurant reviews and fashion dispatches. Responding to the challenge, her military veteran students, for example, have taken on such sensitive topics of women serving in combat roles and the difficulty of finding work after military service.  Amy continues to serve as a champion for students long after they leave her classroom as well. She taps into her network circles to provide students with a wide range of guest speakers who are happy to engage about how students might best go about achieving their treasured goals. And, under her guidance, several students have been placed in highly competitive fellowships and internships in key markets across the United States.​