Matt Ragas Inducted into PRAD Society

Assistant Public Relations and Advertising Professor Matt Ragas​ has been inducted into Page Up, a new public relations organization consisting of 80 top staff leaders in major U.S. corporations, agencies and universities. Ragas is the only academic in the inaugural class.

"I am honored to have been accepted into the inaugural class of Page Up and to get to represent DePaul and the College of Communication on a national level," Ragas said.

"Too often, public relations educators and public relations professionals don't have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other, which is unfortunate. It is important these conversations happen. I believe part of being an effective, high impact teacher-scholar is engaging with the profession so that I stay current on the latest issues and trends. This is knowledge that I can then bring into the classroom and share with my students, as well as help inform my scholarship.

"Conversely, fellow Page Up members will gain from my perspective as an educator guiding the next generation of communication professionals, and my pulse on academic research within the corporate communication field and beyond."

For more information on the Page Up organization, please visit their website.

For more information on our PRAD program, visit our Public Relations and Advertising MA program.